This policy governs responsible and ethical use of information technology at Harrisburg University.
(.pdf, 53K)
This policy outlines Harrisburg University's responsbilities for incoming and outgoing spam.
(.pdf, 22K)
This plan satisfies Harrisburg University's compliance with the Pennsylvania "Personal Information Notification Act."
(.pdf, 588K)

This program was implemented In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission “Red Flags Rule.”

(.pdf, 519K)
This document outlines steps taken by the Office of Information Services to protect and secure HU’s digital assets (administrative, financial, academic, personnel, or student information).
(.pdf, 64K)
This policy outlines use and responsbilities for Harrisburg University provided email.
(.pdf, 50K)
This policy outlines use and responsbilities for cloud based storage platforms provided by Harrisburg University..
(.pdf, 94K)
This policy details HU password requirements
(.pdf, 10K)