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  • Contact Helpdesk with your technology questions using the MyHU Helpdesk ticket form under the Technology tab after logging into, through email at or by calling helpdesk at 717-901-5177 or extension 5177 on any university based phone.  
  • Provide your ID#, return contact info and brief description of the issue.
  • Helpdesk is monitored Monday through Thursday 8am to 7pm and Friday 8am to 5pm. 
  • If you need to bring your device to helpdesk to further inspection or repair, the IT offices are located on the second floor near the library.  An OIS representative may not always be able to assist you, so make sure you email helpdesk or call ahead. 
  • All members of the HU community are required to utilize eMail for official university communications. The student eMail solution is  Microsoft Office 365 . To configure email on a mobile device or computer, please reference the following guide. Set up Office apps and email .
  • To configure email on a mobile device or computer, please reference the following guide. Set up Office apps and email .   If you are still having trouble contact helpdesk via email.  
  • To reset your password, head to  On the right side of the page there is a link for password management.  This will take you to the Office 365 password reset page.  If you have already entered your alternate contact information, Microsoft will verify your identity and reset your password.  More detailed information can be found here.
If you are able to login to your student email and would like to change your password.  Follow the guide located here.
  • Your username is generally your first initial, first middle initial, and full last name.  If this is not the case, please contact helpdesk.
  • In order to get on the network, all laptops must be up to date with the latest anti-virus and spyware software.   All students and staff connect to the network named “HU” and use the password HarrisburgU to gain access to the network.  For more detailed instructions, click here.
  • Gaming devices can be registered via MAC address at the game registration page here.   Keep in mind to use the MAC address for the correct adapter on the device.  Ex. wireless Ethernet cards have a different MAC address than a wired Ethernet card. 
  • If your connection now says this or no internet access, this may mean you have been flagged for torrenting.  Our network will automatically detect bittorrent downloading software and block your connection for 30 minutes.  To be sure this is not causing any issues, disable any bittorrent software before connecting to the university network. 
  • The most notable causes for failing to register is out of date anti-virus or no anti-virus software at all.  Make sure you update your software with the latest version and definitions.  If your software is out of date and wants payment, we suggest uninstalling it completely and using  Microsoft Security Essentials .  This is free software and is compatible with our network.  Also if you are using Windows 8 or 10, there is built in anti-virus called Windows Defender. 
  • Printing now works through the papercut system.  This system allows you to print to any university printer using your ID card.  To install the printer please follow this printing guide.  
  • Printing now works through the papercut system.  This system allows you to print to any university printer using your ID card.  To install the printer, please follow this video guide
  • There are many causes for slow laptops, one of which is viruses and spyware.   Be sure to scan your computer regularly and be careful browsing websites.  One common cause of frustration is browser clutter.  Keep an eye on any extra extensions in Chrome or add-ons in Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Also going through your installed programs and looking for unwanted software can vastly help.  
  • Helpdesk can take a look and try to diagnose more serious laptop problems when time is made available.  Please email helpdesk stating your problem ahead of time so we can make an appointment for you.  We will not be able to fix all problems, but can give you suggestions on where to turn next.  
  • REMEMBER:There are a wide-range of issues that can usually be solved by simply restarting your computer. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet, viewing emails, getting your music to play, or any other annoyances— the first thing to try is restarting your computer.
  • All students with a university issued email account will be eligible for Office 365 Pro Plus via Microsoft's Student Advantage.  This will allow students to install and use Microsoft Office on 5 devices (Laptop, phones, and tablets) while they are enrolled in classes at HU. Please click the following link for installation instructions: Office 365 Pro Plus Installation Information.
  • Harrisburg University has partnered with JourneyEd to provide educational discounts on additional software offerings from Microsoft, Adobe, and numerous other vendors. Though you may want to check with your instructor.
  • You should have received a temporary password in your personal email that you provided before arriving on campus.  If you cannot find it, contact helpdesk to have it reassigned to you. 
Certain classes at Harrisburg University require access to Microsoft Project. To download Project software, you must be currently registered in one of the specified classes. The Project download is done through Office 365 and can be downloaded there once your account has been granted access. When your class has finished, the license for the software expires and you will need to remove the software from your computer.  Please follow the guide located Here.
Please remember to save copies of all course work and materials (assignments, resources, syllabi, forum postings etc.) before the end of the semester. Courses will become unavailable at the end of the semester at the discretion of the faculty member(s).