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High School students or Undergraduate Transfer students: 
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Summer Exploration Camps
Visit our Web Page for more information on the Summer Exploration Camps:
    Summer Exploration Camps Application  

If you're in high school and ready to test out a college class, the Summer Exploration Camps are the perfect opportunity! Earn college credit and have fun. It's a great way to stay active this summer. Meet new people who have similar interests, and test out college courses that have been specially designed for this summer exploration format. Studying science or technology can go hand-in-hand with having fun--especially in the summer, when you're free to explore the things that really get you thinking.

Please Note: 1 camp request per application. If attending more than 1 summer camp, please fill out additional applications. Thank-you.

Dual Enrollment
    Dual Enrollment Application  
    Undergraduate Application for Bachelor's Degree  
    Communities in Schools Undergraduate Application  
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    RYAN International Group Application  
Adult Degree Programs
    Adult Degree Programs  

100% Online B.S. Degree 


For international graduate students wishing to apply for CPT (Curricular Practical Training), please click here.

    Graduate Application for Master's Degree (U.S. Citizen ONLY)  
    International Graduate Studies Application  
    Non-Degree Application  
    Graduate Certificate Application  
    HU-Allegro Graduate Studies Application  
Doctoral Candidate Application
    Doctoral Candidate Application